“Through advanced technology and leveraged purchasing, Qualis saves our agencies over $300,000 a year. Before Qualis, we had almost 500 invoices a month coming in. Now… ONLY one invoice a month, and I only have to write one check!”

Bevelie Turner • Controller

“Qualis is able to contract with our local providers… the ones I already know and trust, as well as the national suppliers. This puts my local providers in a position to get additional business from Qualis, making it a win-win for us and for them, too.”

Jane Miles, MSN, RN • VP of Clinical Services

Invoicing is easy. And we’re paid bi-weekly, right on time. That’s income we can count on. I really appreciate that Qualis works as my partner, not as a competitor. Plus, we’re already enjoying increased business through our association with Qualis.”

Dave Keesee • DME Provider

“Thanks to Qualis’ leveraged buying power, consolidated billing and administrative efficiencies, our DME costs are down. Qualis has benchmarked our utilization teaching us how to further reduce our costs without any reduction in quality. ”

Sandy Roberson, Jr. • President and CEO

“Qualis’ data integration model saves us a tremendous amount of time and enhances the services we can provide.”

Shawn Flaugher • Business Manager