Formed in 2005, Qualis offers DME management services to hospice organizations for Durable Medical Equipment, oxygen, and other medical supplies. The Qualis team works with each hospice – not as a DME supplier – but as a partner focused on improving patient care, lowering costs, and providing effective management tools.

The Issues

While Qualis understands that every hospice agency is unique, we also recognize that most hospices face the very same challenges.

  • “Dependable, high quality DME service is a MUST, and when we say we need something now, we mean NOW!”
  • “While our nursing staff and prescription medications are usually our largest expenses, oxygen and durable medical equipment are often essential for patient care. But, we have difficulty determining a fair price for these items, and the services and supplies associated with them.”
  • “Because various DME vendors may recommend different treatment protocols, overall patient expense can vary dramatically depending on the vendor chosen. This makes it difficult for us to effectively compare pricing.”
  • “Once we receive an invoice from a DME provider, we have to reconcile it with our patient records. Our accounts receivable program just isn’t designed to catch a wide variety of DME billing errors, unbundling, or potential fraud.”
  • “As a large health care company, we use quite a few different DME providers in multiple regions. The expenses on our financials fluctuate significantly from month to month, sometimes resulting in serious cash flow problems.”

Qualis Management Has The Answers

Our first job at Qualis is to fully understand the specific needs of each of our clients, then tailor a program, unique for each client, to reduce their DME costs and virtually eliminate administrative headaches. The Qualis DME management service:

  1. Allows local or national vendors to be utilized – aligning clinical goals.
  2. Save hospice staff time with easy to use high tech solutions.
  3. Provides better pricing and eliminates invoicing.
  4. Prevents peaks and troughs on income statements.
  5. Guarantees lower cost, less work, and complete satisfaction.

It is important to note that the goals of Qualis are aligned with those of our clients. Since we are not a DME provider we are able to accurately evaluate suppliers, without bias, based entirely on what suppliers are able to offer in terms of service and price.

Each client maintains complete control, while Qualis manages the peripheral processes such as contracting, real time analysis, and taking action to solve many problems before they even occur.

We negotiate preferred contracts, manage claims or act as an ASO, accept per diem rates, and manage the entire process without ever interfering with the critical relationship between your nurses, the DME supplier, and your patients. You are guaranteed to save time and money from our expertise.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.